Net Positive Symposium 2.0 Webinars


Designing for the Future, Building for Now

Rent for 9 months the 4 session videos from the Net Positive Symposium 2.0 held in Vancouver, BC in November of 2019. These expert led sessions offer practical resources and information that you can take away and apply in your work. The format is a 60 – 90 minute presentation and includes a Q&A session at the end.

See below for the full descriptions of the videos included in this bundle.

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What's Included:

  • Sustainability Through Integration
    Presented by: Manon Meskens - A2M, Sebastian Moreno-Vacca - A2M


    Starting with Passive House principles, how can we achieve carbon neutrality in our cities? And beyond that, how can we conceive a town like a sustainable ecosystem where each element contributes to a regenerating permanent cycle, alternately a consumer and a producer? Precursor and expert in passive, sustainable, zero energy and carbon neutral buildings, architectural firm A2M will disclose the integration of a large variety of tools to achieve carbon neutrality, and how they use them to produce successful cases throughout Europe, North America, and Africa.

  • Working Together to Achieve Low Energy Buildings
    Presented by: Mark Bernhardt - Bernhardt Construction, Kenneth Chooi - The Green Point Project


    The Passive House Standard and The Living Building Challenge are two prominent pathways to help achieve our low-energy building goals by 2032. We will highlight the “Crosswalks” document between the two programs that focuses on how designers can incorporate both these standards into their next project. Mark Bernhardt, Bernhardt Construction, and Kenneth Chooi, project architect, will provide an overview of the Green Point Project which is striving to achieve both certifications.

  • Embodied Carbon: The Blindspot of the Building Industry
    Presented by: Anthony Pak - Priopta


    Our industry often ignores Embodied Carbon, even though it will account for almost half of total new construction emissions globally between now and 2050. This presentation will provide an overview of Embodied Carbon in the Building Industry, including:
    - Why Embodied Carbon Matters
    - Scale of Embodied Carbon vs Operational Carbon
    - Policies and Standards on Embodied Carbon
    - Comparison of LCA software tools
    - Design Strategies to Reduce Embodied Carbon (concrete, steel, wood, insulation, refrigerants, MEP and TI)

  • Working Towards a Net Positive Future
    Presented by: Cillian Collins - Perkins + Will, Sindhu Mahadevan - Perkins + Will


    As our larger cities further urbanize, the growth of new multi-unit residential buildings will continue to be a focus for governments and developers alike. These buildings present unique challenges for energy use in urban environments as site constraints can often limit the effectiveness of passive design strategies; hear from Cillian Collins and Sindhu Mahadevan from Perkins + Will on their lessons learned.